Aims & Scope

The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners developing and applying fuzzy techniques in preference modelling and decision making. The workshop is intended to establish the New Trends in the fi eld and to encourage cooperation among the participants. The programme schedule will consist of 3 working days and a half day excursion to the historical sights in Pamplona. Each day will start with an invited lecture followed by a number of regular contributions; no parallel sessions will be scheduled. The number of participants foreseen is between 35 and 50. The Workshop will concentrate on, but not limited to:

Preference representation / modelling
  • Preference learning
  • Linear and non-linear utility representations
  • Multiple criteria/attributes
  • Qualitative decision theory
  • Logical representations
  • Linguistic preference modelling
  • Relations between qualitative and quantitative approaches
Properties and semantics of preferences
  • Preference composition, merging, and aggregation
  • Incomplete or inconsistent preferences
  • Reasoning about preferences
  • Preference and choice
Applications of preferences to:
  • Data-base querying and repair
  • Cassifi cation and data mining
  • Information retrieval
  • Image processing
  • Non-monotonic reasoning
  • Recommendation systems and other e-commerce applications
Extensions of fuzzy sets
  • Type-2 fuzzy sets
  • L* fuzzy sets
  • Interval-valued fuzzy sets
  • Fuzzy rough sets
Aggregation operators
  • Decision making and aggregation operators
  • Construction of fuzzy measures and AGOPs
  • Linguistic aggregation operators
  • Interval-valued aggregation operators

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