Conference Program

Wednesday 16th
Rector / Institution / P. Burillo/ H. Bustince/ B. De Baets/ J. Fodor
10:00-11:00Plenary Lecture 1: Science, logic and literature by Javier Montero
Chair: Radko Mesiar
11:00-11:20Coffee break
11:20-13:00Session 1: Preference Relations.
VicenÁ Torra

Filling incomplete linguistic preference relations up by priorizating experts opinions
Luis Martínez, Luís Gonzaga Pérez, Manuel José Barranco

On the Statistical Preference as a Pairwise Comparison for random variables
Ignacio Montes, Davide Martinetti, Susana Díaz

On the use of coherence measures for fuzzy preference relations
Camilo A. Franco de los Ríos, Javier Montero

Transitivity of the fuzzy and the probabilistic relations
Davide Martinetti, Ignacio Montes, Susana Díaz

Voting with intensities, group consensus and stochastic dominance
Michael Rademaker, Bernard De Baets
14:30-15:30Plenary Lecture 2: Preference Learning by Eyke HŁllermeier
Chair: Francisco Herrera
15:30-16:30Session 2: Decision analysis. Knowledge extraction.
Enrique Herrera-Viedma

A methodology for building fuzzy rules from data
J. Tinguaro Rodríguez, Victoria López, Javier Montero, BegoŮa Vitoriano

Enhancing Fuzzy Rule Based Systems in Multi-Classification Using Pairwise Coupling with Preference Relations
Alberto Fernández, María Calderón, Edurne Barrenechea, Humberto Bustince, Francisco Herrera

Modelling Partial Class Memberships in Multi-class Classification Problems: a Probabilistic Approach
Willem Waegeman and Bernard De Baets
16:30-16:50Coffee break
Posters Session 1: Interdisciplinary Applications 1.

A tool to disseminate the own information resources in a university digital library
Carlos Porcel, Enrique Herrera-Viedma

A fuzzy linguistic methodology to evaluate the quality of hotel web sites
M.J. Cobo, Antonio Gabriel López-Herrera, Carlos Porcel, Enrique Herrera-Viedma

Learning algorithms for intelligent market making
Harsh Narang, Madasu Hanmandlu

Visual servoing using fuzzy controllers on an unmanned aerial vehicles
Miguel Olivares-Mendez, Pascual Campoy Cervera, Iván Mondragón, Carol Martínez

Reengineering on Intellingent Lexical Labeler of the Spanish
Luis Efrén Veloz Ortiz, Fermín González García, Jorge Veloz Ortiz
16:50-18:10Session 3: Decision analysis. Data Analysis.
José A. Olivas

Inner and outer fuzzy confidence regions determined by low quality data
Inés Couso, Luciano Sánchez

On the definition of linear constrained fuzzy c-means
VicenÁ Torra

Partition problems for fuzzy graphs
Daniel Gómez, Javier Montero, Javier Yáñez

Selection of experimental designs via aggregation of preferences
José Moler, Fernando Plo, Henar Urmeneta
18:10-18:30Coffee break
18:30-19:30Session 4: Decision analysis. Applications.
Luís Martinez

A Sensory Evaluation Model with Multiple Linguistic Scales Applied to Affective Test
Macarena Espinilla, Rosa Rodríguez, Jun Liu, Luis Martínez

Decision-making using pseudo-criteria outranking method (A case study: Implantation of small dams in the north-west of Algeria
Hafida Boukrentach, Abdelkader Mendas

Using Fuzzy Deformable Prototypes to represent User Profiles in Information Retrieval Context
Francisco P. Romero, José A. Olivas, Mateus Ferreira-Satler, Jesús Serrano-Guerrero
Thursday 17th
9:00-10:00Plenary Lecture 3: Preference relation in pliant by József Dombi
Chair: Etienne Kerre
10:00-11:20Session 5: Aggregation 1.
Radko Mesiar

Aggregation functions based on penalties
Tomasa Calvo, Gleb Beliakov

On Generalized Bonferroni Means
Ronald Yager, Gleb Beliakov, Simon James

Aggregation-based extensions of fuzzy measures
Anna Kolesárová, Juliana Mordelová, Andrea Stupanová

Aggregating pairwise distance values
Javier Martín, Gaspar Mayor
11:20-11:40Coffee break
Posters Session 2: Interdisciplinary Applications 2.

Pareto-efficient and egalitarian axiomatics for evaluations of infinite utility streams
José Carlos R. Alcantud, María Dolores García-Sanz

Some applications of the interval-valued linguistic variables to the interval-valued L-Fuzzy contexts
Cristina Alcalde, Ana Burusco, Ramón Fuentes-González

Searching musical representative phrases using W-indistinguishabilities and proximities
Emerson Castaneda, Luis Garmendia, Matilde Santos

Distance measures in induced and heavy aggregation Operators
José M. Merigo, Montserrat Casanovas
11:40-13:00Session 6: Aggregation 2. OWAs and Integrals.
Tomasa Calvo/Anna Kolesarova

A characterization of the 2-additive Choquet integral through cardinal information
Brice Mayag, Michel Grabisch, Christophe Labreuche

Extensions of the Choquet integral and bipolar OWA operators
Radko Mesiar, Andrea Mesiarová-Zemánková, Khurshid Ahmad

Linear-OWA Operators
E. Cables, María Teresa Lamata, José Luís Verdegay

Using centered OWA operators in political elections
José Luis García-Lapresta, Miguel Martínez-Panero
14:30-15:30Plenary Lecture 4: Multiple preference representation formats in decision making: An overview of their integration and applications by Francisco Chiclana
Chair: Luis Martínez
15:30-16:30 Session 7: Bibliometry.
José Luis García - Lapresta

Using Choquet Integrals for Evaluating Citation Indices in Journal Ranking
Gleb Beliakov, Simon James

The Aggregation of Bibliometric Indices to Evaluate the Scientific Output of Researchers: A Case of Study in the Fuzzy Community
Francisco Javier Cabrerizo, Sergio Alonso, Enrique Herrera-Viedma, Francisco Herrera

Applying Fuzzy Linguistic GDM Models in Academic Library Management
I.J. Pérez, Enrique Herrera-Viedma, J. López-Gijón, Francisco Javier Cabrerizo
16:30Free visit to Pamplona
21:00 -_ _:_ _Banquet
Friday 18th
9:00-10:00Plenary Lecture 5: Fuzzy Logic. From past to future by Enric Trillas
Chair/Co-Chair: Bernard De Baets and Janos Fodor
10:00-11:20Session 8: Image Processing.
Pedro Melo-Pinto

Construction of Interval-valued Fuzzy Morphological Operators by Weak Cuts
Tom Melange, Mike Nachtegael, Peter Sussner, Etienne E. Kerre

Noise Reduction Using Alternate Filters Generated by Fuzzy Mathematical Operators Using Uninorms (PhiMM-U Morphology)
Manuel González Hidalgo, Arnau Mir Torres

A Fuzzy k-means based inspection system for automated defect detection in vehicle headlamp lenses
Silvia Satorres Martínez, Juan Gómez Ortega, J. Gámez García, A. Sánchez García

Fuzzy dynamic matching approach for multi-feature tracking
Nuno Lopes, Pedro Couto, Humberto Bustince, Pedro Melo-Pinto
11:20-11:40Coffee break
11:40-13:00Session 9: Theoretical Foundations 1.
Manuel Ojeda

A discussion of the possible meanings of the degrees when making formal concept analysis fuzzy
Yassine Djouadi, Didier Dubois, Henri Prade

Aggregation of Gradual Trust and Distrust
Patricia Victor, Chris Cornelis, Martine De Cock, Enrique Herrera-Viedma

Towards fuzzy semiorders
Bernard de Baets, Susana Díaz, Esteban Induráin, Susana Montes
14:30-15:30Plenary Lecture 6: Fuzzy sets in decision sciences: assets and limitations by Didier Dubois
Chair: Janusz Kacprzyk
15:30-16:50 Session 10: Theoretical Foundations 2.
Gleb Beliakov

Specificity, uncertainty and entropy measures of interval-valued fuzzy sets
Ramón González del Campo, Luis Garmendia

On the representation of arithmetic operators in interval-valued fuzzy set theory
Glad Deschrijver

Shadowed Set Approximation of Fuzzy Numbers
Przemyslaw Grzegorzewski

WLI for implications derived from uninorms
Sebastià Massanet, Joan Torrens
16:50-17:10Coffee break
Posters Session 3: Theoretical Foundations 3.

On congruences, ideals and homomorphisms over multilattices
I.P. Cabrera, P. Cordero, G. Gutiérrez, J. Martínez, Manuel Ojeda-Aciego

Some continuous incompatibility measures on AIFSs
Wilmer Montilla, Susana Cubillo, Elena E. CastiŮeira

Some remarks on the Hausdorff distance between Atanassov's intuitionistic fuzzy sets
Eulalia Szmidt, Janusz Kacprzyk

Construction of ignorance functions from overlap functions
José Antonio Sanz, Miguel Pagola, Humberto Bustince, Alberto Fernández, Francisco Herrera

Fuzzy similarities on the set of deformed images
Inmaculada Lizasoain, Cristina Moreno
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